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Such a bummer SP is going away. Been using it for years, and I liked that it synced to Fitbit. My WW RAMBORINI 10 GEORGE815
6/23/21 6:12 P
Do you all have a fruit or veggie that when you get some you try or want to eat the whole container? SBLACKWELL93 8 SES823
6/22/21 10:06 P
I don’t see how to connect my Garmin device to the new Spark 360. Anyone know if they will fix this LJBOWSER1 4 GEORGE815
6/22/21 6:28 P
Where are you all going after Aug 17? I need something like Sparkpeople. Any recommendations? STEPHDCOX 14 CINDYTW963
6/22/21 8:53 P
I am taking a rest day today. I worked out 3 days in a row. I also have a massive headache and my ne SBLACKWELL93 5 GEORGE815
6/22/21 6:29 P
Oh my. Today was not the best food day. I stayed in my calories but it was all processed foods. Just SBLACKWELL93 16 LOF7203
6/22/21 4:07 A
Eating a bit of dark chocolate raisinettes to combat that chocolate craving but not undo my hard wor BONNIE1552 15 KENNAN123
6/22/21 10:16 A
I tried really hard to talk myself out of exercising today. But i told myself No get your body movin SBLACKWELL93 9 GEORGE815
6/21/21 7:58 P
Guess I have to quit now that SparkPeople is shutting down. It really helped but now its over! Sad! FUNSPIRIT11 10 LUANN_IN_PA
6/21/21 8:24 A
Do you ever budget for having a calorie-laden treat later in the day? I really try to do that I don' HMKITTEN 9 WLHOPE
6/20/21 9:18 P
Missing my Dad today he has been gone almost 11 years now. If yours is still here, hug your dad toda BOMBCHELL23 6 STILLSPARKLEIGH
6/21/21 8:12 A
I did my peddler this morning. I started out strong and then fatigue caught with me. I was only abou SBLACKWELL93 8 GETITDONE79
6/20/21 7:26 P
Tuna salad with avocado oil mayo, bread and butter pickles, pickled jalapenos, green olives, and 15 SBLACKWELL93 15 KAYDE53
6/19/21 8:16 P
#BeforeAndAfter I am honestly not sure of my weight in first picture but I know I was in 190-200 ran INKODINKO 23 JUSTJ2014
6/21/21 11:06 A
I know i have been quiet for a bit. Been processing the closing of sparkpeople. I have been consiste SBLACKWELL93 10 GEORGE815
6/19/21 8:23 P
When will the nutrition tracker be up on the new site? Any ideas yet? CRINKLEDHALO1 3 GEORGE815
6/17/21 5:27 P
Definitely! SISSYFEB48 21 PWILLOW1
6/14/21 4:58 P
I was really happy at how i did at my family reunion. I was really good at getting about 2-3 tbsp of SBLACKWELL93 12 GETITDONE79
6/13/21 4:57 P
I can do this ! I’ve lost 15 pounds. I have another 30 or more pounds to go. I have to stick with it STORMY311 16 ALLENJOSEPH
6/11/21 11:47 P
anyone have any good suggestions for online personal training? im surfing the web and haven't found CAPEPOINT 6 GEORGE815
6/11/21 9:33 P
How often should I weigh myself? Right now I’m weighing myself daily. #advice MSBATTLE30 15 ALLYLIZZY
6/12/21 1:42 P
So i been kind of quiet the last couple of days. I guess i was processing the closing of sparkpeople SBLACKWELL93 12 MSMITCHELL2696
6/10/21 6:10 P
Message Removed CD13002992 10 ALICIA363
6/8/21 7:51 P
Has anyone tried “lose it! - calorie counter”? The food tracking sounds similar to sparkpeople, and MYTIMEOK 9 SYZYGY922
6/10/21 1:36 A
Today is a rest day, a forced rest day but one none the less. Fibro is making my muscles feel like t SBLACKWELL93 4 1STBUCKETITEM
6/8/21 3:59 P
The new site doesn't allow you to track how many calories I've eaten, or any other nutrients; I hope 4CONNIESHEALTH 11 LUANN_IN_PA
6/8/21 8:18 A
I just restarted using SP, and learned of the news this morning. I came back for the community suppo ANNDIERAYA_2K18 4 GEORGE815
6/7/21 4:29 P
With today's announcement of Sparkpeople shutting down, I would be interested in hearing what (non-F BA_COY 22 WALLAHALLA
6/7/21 7:27 P
Message Removed CD26026042 11 CHERRYZMB60
6/6/21 10:41 P
Just read that SparkPeople is going away forever in August... true or false? NITEMAN3D 15 CD7889752
6/7/21 7:59 P
Frustrated Today. Started exercise program (3x week) and my calorie intake averaged 1100 daily. I st 65SECRETARY 6 MOMMY445
6/6/21 3:29 P
I am very disappointed in spark people.com. They are choosing money over their people. I understand SBLACKWELL93 11 BROOKLYN_BORN
6/6/21 4:30 P
I just read SparkPeople is coming to an end. I have been on the site for along time and it has been VICKIA1949 8 BROOKLYN_BORN
6/6/21 4:34 P
Well I fell and hurt my left knee yesterday. It is swollen and all but nothing is broken. So no pedd SBLACKWELL93 9 ROCKYCATSMAMMA
6/4/21 12:05 A
I'm having a rough day. Today, for the 2nd time this week, I've found bird bits on my bird bath. :( FLUFFBUSTER 6 IMPROVINGME
6/3/21 1:32 P
I haven't been on much except to put my food in. My mom was in the hospital so there was alot of dri SBLACKWELL93 4 ROCKYCATSMAMMA
6/1/21 7:50 P
I will like to get new friends who can recommend tricks and advice to loose about 120 pounds , becau MADCDE1966 7 LUANN_IN_PA
5/29/21 9:25 P
so the other day i was wondering if my body was doing. It was slipping into a fibro flare. They last SBLACKWELL93 7 DESERTDREAMERS
5/29/21 5:30 P
6/11/21 8:54 A
Well stepped on scale to my surprise I was DOWN 2.4 pounds!! I will take it !! RKEKES1968 5 SPARKLE1908
5/26/21 3:02 P
I don't know if it is the rainy blah day outside. Or i am getting ready to have a fibro flare about SBLACKWELL93 11 GETITDONE79
5/26/21 8:05 P
This is why I share my story. What's yours? ANNDIERAYA_2K18 11 COOKWITHME65
5/26/21 11:30 A
I am still trying to get back to everything i was doing before this last bout of depression derailed SBLACKWELL93 9 ROCKYCATSMAMMA
5/26/21 9:50 A
So frustrated. Stuck in the 180's. Once upon a time got down to 180.0. Was SO excited, then it stead FINALLYFREE2BME 17 ALLYLIZZY
5/23/21 2:26 P
I think i am finding my stride again. For almost a month i have been fighting depression and not doi SBLACKWELL93 6 GEORGE815
5/22/21 5:27 P
headaches and moon time has made for a rough couple of days with little to no exercise. But i plan o SBLACKWELL93 1 SBLACKWELL93
5/20/21 2:57 P
I am starting over..... again! Any one starting at 300+ lbs? I need an accountability buddy. Than KIMBER421 6 ZELDA13
5/18/21 1:03 A
I think I am starting to get my head back into what i need to do for myself (ie exercising, eating r SBLACKWELL93 7 SMONTGOMERY227
5/17/21 4:23 P
I strongly dislike that i am a stress eater. I caught myself doing that earlier. I am trying to get SBLACKWELL93 3 GEORGE815
5/15/21 6:40 P
What is your favorite brand for Full-Coverage Sports Bras? I'm looking to buy more. I'm tempted to PHOENIX81RISING 8 JUJULION
5/15/21 4:35 A
225 cal mini meal/snack. Turkey ham, laughing cow cheese, pickles and a low carb tortilla. Sounds we JESSNOTGVNUP 18 LAH1222
5/14/21 11:40 P
Does spring cleaning count towards a good workout? JOY41559 5 GEORGE815
5/14/21 5:06 P
I have really been struggling with everything. But today i woke up and decided that i am not gonna l SBLACKWELL93 11 SOLDIERGIRL55
5/18/21 10:31 P
I am still struggling a bit. I have not been feeling to good. I don't know if i got a bug or it is j SBLACKWELL93 4 LITTLEFLOWERTC
5/11/21 10:03 A
i am choosing not to work out today as it is mother's day. But i am gonna stay in my calories and dr SBLACKWELL93 5 LITTLEFLOWERTC
5/9/21 7:05 P
I thought I joined a challenge, but I can't find it ! ( on the app ) It is a get ready to walk a 5 TARATARA47 5 TARATARA47
5/10/21 9:22 A
As most of you that follow me know, i struggled this last week with depression and over eating. I am SBLACKWELL93 9 MSMITCHELL2696
5/9/21 4:57 P
Depression is nothing to play around with. This last week i have not exercised. But i have been sort SBLACKWELL93 5 KSE1018
5/6/21 7:58 P
I have been fighting some depression the last week. I am thinking about taking a break from exercisi SBLACKWELL93 9 RAININGDUCKS
5/6/21 9:24 A
Still am not feeling 100% from what ever bug i have. But i made myself get on my peddler for 35 minu SBLACKWELL93 3 JEANNELYNN2
5/3/21 12:59 P
I've been tracking my foods, my steps, and my glucose. My glucose is lowering.I have stopped eating MBUTTLER9 6 PEGSTER820
5/3/21 1:53 P
#diabetes is there a diabetic menu option on Sparkpeople? MIMIOFBOYS 5 WILLISKM83
5/4/21 3:45 P
I am taking a rest day today because either i have allergies or i am getting a cold. Just feel miser SBLACKWELL93 7 KSE1018
5/1/21 6:33 P
I think my husband might be right about hitting a exercise plateau. I do my peddler at the minimum o SBLACKWELL93 5 GEORGE815
4/30/21 3:59 P
Been a difficult day. -POOKIE- 20 MADEINBRITAIN
5/1/21 2:27 A
I am feeling better from yesterday. I don't know what was wrong with me. I was just so tired. I napp SBLACKWELL93 3 MOMTAGE
4/29/21 5:37 P
Feeling sleepy and blah today. I almost didn't work out but i got on my peddler anyway and did 35 mi SBLACKWELL93 6 GETAGRIPNAN
4/29/21 12:06 A
Ok today is one of those days. I didn't want to work out but i did it anyway. I did my peddler for 3 SBLACKWELL93 12 KSE1018
4/27/21 9:06 P
I am having trouble with tracking my food on the a SYZYGY922 5 SYZYGY922
4/27/21 3:45 P
Anyone else enjoy these? That time of year again finally. DON9199 13 LMORSE51
4/25/21 10:07 P
I am proud of myself. Today i added 10 more minutes onto my peddling session. I am up to peddling 60 SBLACKWELL93 11 COUNTRYKID3
4/25/21 9:34 P
Guys i lost 11 lbs! Im so proud of myself! Thx guys for all the inspiration i couldnt have done it w A14724 9 COUNTRYKID3
4/25/21 9:35 P
Friday and Saturday Step count. Met my weekly goal of 10,000 steps per day. Delicious breakfast of u KIBBGIRL 19 CD4747255
4/25/21 5:55 P
Ok, I consider this a win. What about you? I had JOANHAGEMIER 6 STARS2000
4/24/21 6:11 P
Taking a rest day. Also i didn't gain or lose weight. Used to that would have frustrated me and resh SBLACKWELL93 4 SERENASEA
4/24/21 4:22 P