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5/14/21 12:42 P
I have to submit a new pic and bio for a committee MOXIEGAL67 40 KAYDE53
5/14/21 4:40 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 13 FLUTTERFLI
5/14/21 12:43 P
Posted a photo NANASUEH 14 SPEDED2
5/14/21 1:44 P
TGIF Sparklers!! Today is my lazy day, gonna keep my feet up and put on a movie! Have a wonderful DM2020 11 LKASOFF
5/14/21 1:37 P
This morning my husband my puppy and I took a nice 30 minute walk through the beautiful park. I am t TAKE2ASAP 33 KAYDE53
5/14/21 4:43 P
Time for a baby picture. Three new calves this morning. Only got to see this big bull calf. Very han JEWELRYLOVER 23 KAYDE53
5/14/21 4:44 P
Have several I am in competition with as to who is the bad influence! LOL EVIE4NOW 17 MDOWER1
5/14/21 3:19 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 15 SPEDED2
5/14/21 1:43 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 15 SPEDED2
5/14/21 1:42 P
5/13/21 5:40 P
Show how you feel today with an emotican ---- MSTEETEE 16497 SPARKLE1908
5/13/21 5:40 P
Emoticon your Mood for Today! MZ.THICKUMS 4693 SPARKLE1908
5/13/21 5:39 P
Women of Color Unite Group Forum CYIPRA 7381 SPARKLE1908
5/13/21 5:39 P
“It’s not about having the right opportunities. It’s about handling the opportunities right.” Mark H HAPPI_PAULA 8 GODS-PRINCESS
5/13/21 6:22 P
Have you ever measured exactly 2oz of Spaghetti? It's amazing what restaurants/Fast Food considers t PHOENIX81RISING 25 PHOENIX81RISING
5/14/21 3:23 P
I keep thinking about that article in SparkPeople archives no doubt which listed a few reasons why p NEEDBU66 22 ALLYLIZZY
5/14/21 2:10 P
Today with emoticon 816JIMMIE 1112 SPARKLE1908
5/10/21 1:02 P
Today is day 1 of starting all over again. Here's my healthy brunch salad in a fruit smoothie. MSJOFUNNSEXY 13 GEORGE815
5/10/21 3:25 P
Feeling good, going to see my mom today for mother's day JODI251968 7 GEORGE815
5/10/21 3:22 P
My beautiful daughter made an amazing meal for us yesterday. I fell off the horse and didn't track. COWGRANDMA 11 BEELADY56
5/10/21 7:53 P
5/10/21 12:21 P
Errand day! Be safe and have fun everyone! TOMSTUMP 4 EVIE4NOW
5/9/21 12:12 A
Just keep praying! GARDENSFORLIFE 26 KOSHIE1
5/9/21 12:11 A
Still struggling to up my water intake. I'll keep trying. #h2whoa BONNIE1552 21 JUSTJ2014
5/9/21 8:58 A
Hey my beautiful sparkies ❤ Hope you all had a won TMP0418 44 ALLYLIZZY
5/10/21 1:24 P
My child graduated from Jr.High this week! All of us celebrated with dinner out! I ate healthfully! MOMWANTSNOWAIST 4 HICKOK-HALEY
5/9/21 1:57 A
Latest Disney trip! Already counting down until next one in June! SHANDA78 11 BFITMONICA
5/8/21 9:34 P
Sad day to day. Woke up to a call that my cousin has passed away. This was a surprise to the whole CCMORRIS 55 EDWARDS1411
5/9/21 12:58 A
Banana smoothie for breakfast. Salad with lettuce, mushrooms, tomato, olives and Fat Free Raspberry MINILOVER1 6 BONNIE1552
5/8/21 7:08 A
Blackened chicken salad. So proud of myself for stopping when I was full. A year ago I wouldn't ha PAYNENA 17 BECCAWEBB123
5/7/21 7:36 P
♥ -:¦:-*♥~.•*´¨)♥ ♥~*-:¦:-*♥~.•*´¨ )♥~*-: -*♥-* People inspire you, or they drain you – pick them wi 1CRAZYDOG 8 1HAPPYSPIRIT
5/7/21 4:25 P
Accomplished 2 hrs and 7 mins in walking 🤗 #moveit M33624 11 BONNIE1552
5/8/21 7:40 A
Enjoy today! #fitnessfeats STARGLOW77 6 MIMIOH
5/8/21 7:50 A
20 minute walk around job in the sun👟🌼 RAINSTORM17 9 KATHYJO56
5/7/21 4:49 P
My kind of “Magic Kingdom”...the tiny local nursery! I’m so glad I went today, I got to walk aroun GO_GAL_GROW 37 WANAKA
5/13/21 8:41 A
The lawn never stops growing. Seems to need a cut every other day with this cool wet weather. JIMMOORE14 4 KATHYJO56
5/7/21 4:49 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 19 NANASUEH
5/5/21 9:56 A
it's hard to get to 40 minutes at age 81 #moveit JOSEPH12342 5 SPARKLE1908
5/4/21 12:23 P
5/4/21 10:40 P
Up to 11 minutes on the elliptical. Going for 12 this evening. PEPPY77 4 SPARKLE1908
5/4/21 12:22 P
A lot of living to get there. EVIE4NOW 16 CHERRYZMB60
5/4/21 10:42 P
Taco Tuesday KAMEL622 18 ISNESS
5/10/21 10:12 P
Splits from my morning workout… mile 4 is recorded as slow because I stopped to talk with my brother LESLIELENORE 19 GARDENSFORLIFE
5/4/21 9:28 P
5/4/21 6:25 P
What Fruit Did You Enjoy Today? TAYLORLIV31 3082 SPARKLE1908
5/3/21 11:31 A
I took an active recovery day today KASANNMIL 4 SPARKLE1908
5/2/21 10:55 P
5/3/21 4:22 A
We love to #eattherainbow in our house! Meals from the last 24 hours. Scrambled Eggs Tip: Add a cup MANSTE13 19 1CRAZYDOG
5/3/21 7:01 P
Today's results . . . 🌟Growing character traits😇 🌟Planting apple trees 🍎 🌟Supporting friends � JAMESEVER 11 NAVYWIFESKI
5/3/21 7:57 A
This is so true! HAPPI_PAULA 33 PICKIE98
5/3/21 5:06 P
Don't know why this is so hard for me - yes, I do - I reach for the diet soda too often. #h2whoa BONNIE1552 15 PEGSTER820
5/3/21 6:48 A
I struggle to drink water. I don't like cold water. I don't like plain water. This is how I manag MANSTE13 37 TRAVELGAL417
5/3/21 6:57 A
Elsa, the blue eyed princess. PAYNENA 14 COWGRANDMA
5/1/21 10:43 P
Hour long walk in the woods with the dogs and my niece today! Beautiful day and walk!! STEPHBBROWN 6 SPARKLE1908
5/1/21 7:03 P
Graditude for what we have makes for a happy day! TROUTPOUT 23 LAH1222
5/1/21 11:21 P
I'm so excited that our gym is complete so I have a safe space to work out at my own pace! MANSTE13 18 MANSTE13
5/1/21 11:08 P
Posted a photo LUVS2BIKE101 27 75HEALTHYME
5/2/21 3:44 P
Dinner tonight...blackened mahi-mahi with pineapple salsa and a mojito. MIAMI_LILLY 24 PASTA3
5/3/21 12:13 P
Halfway to 8 glasses so far today....working on getting there before end of day #h2whoa GREYGIN 15 BILLTHOMSON
5/2/21 6:57 A
Post an emoticon to describe your current mood. SONYALATRECE 187 SPARKLE1908
4/30/21 2:39 P
I ate 5 Fruits and 5 Veggies today. #eattherainbow PATRICIAANN46 7 IAMAGEMLOVER
4/29/21 9:28 A
Working out daily! Showing up and taking care of me. SPIRITWOLF1 4 SPARKLE1908
4/28/21 10:52 P
4/29/21 9:54 P
10 minutes on the treadmill this morning, 20 minutes this evening! #moveit KALVGS 10 OPTICALXILLUSIO
4/29/21 9:58 P
35 minutes on the exercise bike! #moveit JENKNEEB 13 BONNIE1552
4/29/21 9:55 P
I ran a half-marathon today, and about 20 minutes faster than my record! SYZYGY922 26 CHEIVOUS
4/29/21 2:02 P
So we got a new ac unit today and they took out the concrete slab that was under the old one. The ne DEEKELLYE 31 CXKCLL
4/29/21 6:29 A
When in doubt, be kind... NANHBH 27 FRAN0426
4/30/21 12:03 A
Walked for 30 minutes today taking advantage of the warm weather. Since I was already sweaty, I put MOMBOYS2 15 ARNETTELEE
4/29/21 6:31 A
The first word in your head QUEEN_CEE 107 SPARKLE1908
4/27/21 4:21 P
This is my truth after almost two weeks in. I don't think there is a day when I haven't messed up so ALLI-LIN 32 FROLICINFLORIDA
4/24/21 2:05 A
Lunch 365 calories. Leaner ground beef = larger burger. Lean and green works. KARENWILL2 20 BECCAWEBB123
4/24/21 8:40 A
Today is my 3rd day with No covid vaccine side effects 🎉🎉 Im in the clear per my Rx🩺💉🥼 GRNEYEDSPANIARD 15 CINDYTW963
4/24/21 4:05 A
Have a great weekend. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 18 PATRICIA-CR
4/25/21 2:04 P