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9/10/16 9:18 A

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Call me Euphrates (I prefer it to my given name of Lisa, and use it everywhere outside of work)
Cincinnati, OH

Feel free to find me elsewhere on the web, I love making new friends! https://www.facebook.com/MsEuphrates

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8/27/14 11:38 A

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1) My nickname is Reya because I can't stand my birthname. It reminds me too much of my bizarro bio-parents and all of their drama. I'm in the middle of processing a lot of that pain into a beautiful understanding of my "personal mythology." It came from a sarcastic comment about me being a "F'ing Ray a Sunshine" and somehow that morphed into being called Reya ALL the time. LOL
2) I love to blog and do so almost every day (or getting back to that) - I tend to post LONG messages (can you tell?) and GRATITUDE LISTS. I used to blog here on SP and have two different Wordpress accounts.
3) I'm a SAHM of one brilliant almost 3.5 year old home/unschooled preschool boy. We named him after Nikola Tesla. He loves Transformers Rescue Bots, Yo Gabba Gabba, LeapFrog, Wild Kratts, Daniel Tiger, Pocoyo, Pororo, Animal Mechanicals, ParaNorman, Lala-Oopsie and Super Why. Currently obsessions: Sea creatures and sea life (we watch LOTS and LOTS of Octonauts). We allow him to enjoy what he likes no matter what the target gender happens to be.
4) My hair is AMAZING - the color, cut, style, etc gets changed on a regular basis because I love being adventurous - if my hair is freshly colored, my mental state is positive and I'm taking time for self-care. I can always improve my mood by coloring my hair. It's been pink, purple, red, black, brown, blonde, green, teal and blue. Most recently, I've been sticking with n Voodoo Blue.
5) I've been an Early Childhood Development Educator, Residential Cottage Manager for Behaviorally interesting teen-girls, kinda sorta sex educator/coach with specialization on LGBTQ+/alternative/non-traditional sexuality & at risk-youth and am now working on becoming a Transpersonal Psychologist and Counselor.
6) I relate everything to music - I have a song for every blog post, quote, message, etc. I post LOTS of music and sometimes title my blog posts with lyrics.
7) I'm in the process of trying to confirm or rule out any number of diagnoses because what I feel going on in my body isn't "right". I write about that some at one of my other blogs. I've been so sick over the last few years that I've not wanted to do anything and hurt so badly I didn't care. With the help of my doctor I won't see 400 pounds - at the beginning of 2014 - I was close. I feel like I'm always waiting on results or waiting on another appointment, so I always feel like I'm just treading water.
8) I love some of the most amazing people in the universe and consider myself a genderqueer polyromantic pansexual. Crazy kind of world where labels like that say everything yet nothing at the same time. LOL.
9) I live in a beautiful section of the Virginia Highlands, raising our son in the house that my husband was raised in, as was his mother - but I dream of living in the high desert again. When I was 19, I hitchhiked across the US and spend some time in the Southwest. I absolutely fell in love. I'd love to see our family in Arizona within 10 years.
10) My husband works 2nd shift so we don't normally wake up before 11am. As a family we live a 2nd shift life, so even our toddler stays up late (so he can see Dada before bed) and sleeps late. People seem to have an issue with this but since we're home/unschooling - it's not that he needs to be up early for school. We can do school anytime of the day or night.
11) I'm currently engaged in the resurrection of a mythical deity of personal worship created by a 19th century French author, studying Pronoia (Rob Brezsny), focusing on living Metta, chanting a bunch of kirtan, and watching my way through a ton of Anime - all of these relate directly to my religious practices. LOL.
12) My grandmother told me that wearing all of this black, getting piercing, tattoos, heavy black makeup and being a goth was just a "phase" - I've recently figure out that she was correct, tho my "phase" lasted 16 years. I'm currently moving into a lighter more bohemian current but still very much love my goth roots.
13) SACRED ADVERTISEMENT - ISO the part of me and others that crave bigger, better and more interesting problems. The old way just isnt cutting it anymore. Im willing to laugh more, love harder, dance longer, sing louder, take things to new heights with collaborative partnerships. Im willing to provide decent investment rate of return, explore new alternatives, create new worlds, and co-navigate what any of this means. Im done with boring battles. Willing to bring picnic lunches on the river or cemetery (with wine, cheese, bread and cold chicken), participate in absinthe benders where I wake up on the living room floor arms covered in poetry because I couldn't stand to find a notebook, the realization that as much as I love the idea of having a cool organic garden I really f*&(#%^ hate doing it (kinda like yoga, practices that I consider woo and becoming a vegan), messy bedsheets, incense smoke, a decent taste in music and lots and lots and lots of books. The things that make me feel at home in this world: coffee, chai tea, starlight, the sound of the trains on the mountain, long drives, beautiful sunsets, spring storms, candles, studies, long conversations, autumn mornings that are cold, orgasms, tattoos, comfy chairs, cozy blankets, kid laughter, piercings, funny haircuts & color, thunder, morning snuggles in the big bed, kisses, cats, the ocean, good art, nail polish, distracting wonderful smells, good pens, messages saying I love you, fun socks, cute underwear and orgasms (LOL).

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