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8/26/11 5:51 P

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Hi Big Dave,

I read your message, then your web page and now I'm crying and trying to see my keyboard. What you have done is so amazing. I have felt for so long that it is impossible for me to do such a thing. I would think about the 110 pounds I have to lose and feel so overwhelmed and then discouraged. Please let me add my congratulations on your hard work, dedication, stick-to-it've-ness and success! I have several health issues that sometimes make losing weight more of a challenge. I have IBS which pretty much rules my life. Because of the IBS I can eat very little fiber - only two fruits, apples and bananas, no raw vegetables at all, and only a few if cooked very well, no whole grain breads or cereals - it goes on like that. I have a lot of pain in my hips, hands and feet, which many times makes being physically active difficult. I have sensitivities to many things that I must avoid. But on the plus side, I love to use weights, don't mind sweating, and am always reading to find ways to make my physical problems more bearable so I can keep trying to improve my health. I want to thank you so much for your encouragement , for taking time to respond to my SOS, and for your excellent example which I will think of every time I am tempted to think that the work set before me is "impossible". Thank you, Dave.


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8/26/11 5:16 P

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Hi marrianne,

Thank you for responding to my SOS, I appreciate your words of wisdom - especially about being "kind" to yourself, something I'm not good at, and trying not to get in a hurry. I am trying to get involved but am a little introverted and not real sure yet how all of this "Spark" stuff works. I will keed tying though. Keep it simple, good advice. Make small changes to start. All this is soaking into my brain - may take awhile to make it my own.

Thank you again for your help!


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8/26/11 11:01 A

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Big Dave has the right idea (good post Dave!) and I also urge you to get involved. There are a lot of teams that do daily, weekly, monthly challenges both for food and exercise, or other things. There's a team that counts their daily steps with a pedometer, that can be easy, fun and a challenge.
I, too, live remote and don't have a gym nearby (but then, neither do I have a grocery store HAHA) and I've found that spending a few minutes each morning with a journal or notebook and jotting down some of the things you want to accomplish that day really helps. I'm not necessarily talking about a big to-do list, just some early morning affirmations.....like drinking your needed water, taking a walk for 10 minutes, etc etc....nothing too difficult, because you want to succeed, not find at the end of the day that you did maybe one thing.
The ole "KISS" ....keeping it simple....really applies. Start slowly, make changes you can live with, and most of all, be kind to yourself, this is not a race. It didn't take overnight to gain weight/lose your health, it takes decades.....so making small changes when you can will lead up to big ones over the long run. Its a journey, enjoy the path.......


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8/26/11 7:07 A

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emoticon aboard you can do a lot of things on here, just do little at a time till you get to know things, emoticon emoticon

It's Good to Talk!
Every Little Helps,

{Eat to Live
Not Live to Eat}
Easier said then done?

Leader of: OsteoArthritis in (Hips or knees) Mild or Severe!!

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8/26/11 12:33 A

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Welcome aboard.

As I read your story, I think about the challenges that I face and that other like you and I face.

You know, they are are all somewhat similar. What you need to do is learn the fundamental rule of success here, and that is get involved. If you participate and become a part of the solution, you become the solution, but if you just sit back and wait for it to happen on it's own, I can assure you, you will not be happy with the results.

Find yourself some good teams, some good buddies, some good meal plans, some good exercises, some great music, and get involved.

If you don't believe me, just go to my page and see what has happened in a little over 8 months without drugs, surgery or spending huge amounts of money padding the pockets of some corporation who wants to get rich on the backs of sick people like you and me.

Yes you heard me right, I said sick, because we are not well and these pariahs are out there ready to prey on us in our weakened state and take our hard earned money for the next promise that both they and us know is on remotely attainable.

In my opinion, they are worse than the "Get Rich Quick" peddlers, because they have a much larger audience of more vulnerable people who will give them their last dime just to save their lives.

Do NOT take my comments here as negative, use them as positive reinforcement of a good decision on your part. Take my advice, it will be worth your while.

Stay Healthy and Stay In Touch

Big Dave
We're In It For The Finish

Stay Healthy and Stay In Touch,

'Big' Dave,

We're In It For The Finish,
I Can Go The Distance,
The Goal Is In Sight.

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8/25/11 11:59 P

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I am 58 years old and have been trying to lose weight for the last 30 of those years. With encouragement I find I can do almost anything, on my own I flounder and fail. I am a writer and have sold some of my writing in past years, most of it while in contact with other writers. I also love to read and enjoy watching old sci-fi movies. I live in a remote area and have few friends so even with my husband's company I still get lonely. We have three chlidren, all grown and on their own. I have two grandchildren, both boys. I have joined Sparkpeople because a woman I know had nothing but good to say about it, and she was the only one in my TOPS group losing weight!

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