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4/30/21 5:01 P

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Thank you for the information I think I will find another doctor all I see are nurse practices and they are the ones that put me on armour thyroid

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4/30/21 3:42 A

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Sorry about your thyroid problems. Frankly, I am surprised your doctor prescribed Armour since you had heart surgery. All the endos I saw refused to prescribe Armour since it can lead to heart problems. They prefer prescribing Levoxyl, Synthroid, or another medication. I have been taking Armour since diagnosed at 16 and found a doctor that prescribes it. Unfortunately, Armour was sold, reformulated and doesn't work like the original type.

You didn't mention medication strength, what thyroid tests your doctor does and levels, diet, if you take other medication and how you take medication. So I will take stab at helping you. My body always takes years to recover from surgery which is why I don't want knee replacement.

Take Armour with water and wait an hour to eat. No Armour before blood tests or levels will be high. Take Armour after blood test. I keep medication and water in car and take after test.

You could try going on compounding time released T3/T4 medication if your doctor is agrees and ins pays for this medication. Most doctor's don't know how to prescribe it and ins doesn't pay, but I found compounding cost the same as Armour. My endo didn't know how to prescribe compounding and wasted my money. I take Armour 120 mg with 5 mcg of Cytomel now and feel better and losing slowly. It has taken 5 years to get to this point.

Eating food that contains selenium ( Brazil nuts, mushrooms, etc.) or taking a supplement would assist in your body converting T4 into active T3. Cut back on starches and sugar or switching white potato for sweet potato, etc. might help. I eat a little starch with each meal since thyroid and adrenals need carbs for function. My dietitian recommended not eat cereal upon waking due to hormones present. If you must eat cereal, have it for lunch. And no coffee until after eating a meal for same reason.

A lot of thyroid specialist recommend protein, veggies and fruit for each meal. I was given this diet when first diagnosed. I had estrogen then and none now. So this diet doesn't work for me anymore. I developed an adrenal problem when I refrained from eating starches, which is why I eat a little with each meal.

Go outside first thing in the morning. Thyroid patients need light. Stay hydrated, destress
( exercise although good is stressful and don't overdo), adequate sleep too. My thyroid doctor recommends going to bed at 10 pm and taking meds at 6 am. I did that when I had children and not now.

How is your cholesterol, glucose and D3 level? These need to be normal for thyroid function. My endo recommends take multi vitamin with minerals and D3 with K2 four hours after thyroid medication and with lunch. Rheumy recommended taking magnesium at night, but I found this vitamin caused leg pain and made me tired next day. So I stopped taking.

Weight lifting burns calories 24/7 and better for losing weight than aerobics that only burns calories while doing. I lift weights three times a week and walk other days. My thyroid doctor recommends weight lifting to keep bones strong, diabetes, etc. away.

My GP recommended keeping diary with med dose, symptoms, exercise, food log, weight, etc. to see what does/doesn't work for me. I discovered that eating nuts causes me to gain. So I stopped eating them. I found that eating dinner by 7 pm and nothing except herbal cup of tea until breakfast the next morning led to weight loss. This strategy was recommended by a thyroid doctor who said thyroid patients burn very slow at night and fast leads to good digestion and weight loss.

You could try taking your temperature upon waking. Leave digital mouth thermometer on your night stand. Upon waking with little to no movement place it in your mouth and wait to register. Temperature of 97-98 means thyroid is working correctly. I never understood why my thyroid doctor takes my temperature until I read this. Mine is usually around 97.

Losing weight is individual. I hope you find what works for you. Good luck.

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4/24/21 2:16 P

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I had open heart surgery 4 years ago with valve replacement over this time the Mets have my thyroid working I'm on armour thyroid doctor doesn't want to increase meds could cause heart problems but now my weight is going up I'm walking and started tracking food again but any ideas would help trying to get some of the weight off

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