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8/11/14 1:58 P

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I'm 32 and newly diagnosed with Premature Menopause. When I was 16 I was diagnosed with Lymphoma. I went through almost a year of chemo. My cancer was aggressive so my chemo was aggressive as well. I was told by my doctors that I may never have children because of the chemo I had and my age. I did have children, in fact I became pregnant twice very quickly. My second pregnancy I had twins. I always sort of laughed and joked that if the chemo made me less fertile than I'd hate to see how many children I would have had without chemo.

I'd always had weird symptoms after chemo. Like hot/cold flashes, palpitations, sleep issues, memory lapses, difficulty concentrating, dizziness, headaches etc. So for me this was always the norm and I didn't pay any attention to it. About 5 years ago my period became irregular. I chalked it up to horomones and having children. I tracked my periods though so I could have an idea of when my periods would start. I was anywhere from 24-32 days in a cycle.

Then this month I missed a period. At first I just figured it was maybe stress, I had applied for a new job, I was having other health issues (leg numbness/tingling and hip pain) that I was having tests and seeing an Orthopedist for. When I saw my Ortho doctor last week she told me that my MRI of my lower back showed Osteoporosis. My family has a history of Osteoporosis and my Grandfather had Rheumatoid Arthritis in his back. Again I didn't think much of it. Because my knee has been doing some funky things she wanted to do an MRI of my knee and when asked if I was pregnant or nursing I said no but I was late by over a week on my period. She wanted me to take a pregnancy test to be sure I wasn't pregnant even though my FI is fixed and has been for several years. My test came up negative. Then I started freaking out, my period has been late by 2-3 days before but never a week unless I was pregnant or when I went through chemo.

It was brought up that maybe I was going through early menopause. So then I really started freaking out. I went and bought Ovulation tests and another pregnancy test and then started looking up menopause symptoms online. It was hard to distinguish because I've had a lot of these symptoms for years, but then I started thinking maybe I have been going through menopause for years and I'm now getting to the point where I'll miss periods now and then before stopping altogether. I took 2 Ovulation tests over the weekend which both were negative. I then took another pregnancy test which was negative. Sunday I took one more Ovulation test which came up positive. I'd never been so happy in my life.

Yesterday I had an appointment with my family doctor to discuss my symptoms and missed period. She decided to order labs and an ultrasound. My FSH came back high which indicates menopause but we are still waiting on the ultrasound results.

I feel almost empty. Like I'm not in my own body. I've been doing a lot of research and all the documents I've found say that the type of chemo I had, my age when I went through chemo, etc are linked to high incidences of early menopause.

To top all of this off 6 months ago I was diagnosed with Otostenosis. Meaning I am slowly losing my hearing. This is genetic, my mom went through the same thing. Thankfully there is a surgery to correct this but I'm about 8 years away from qualifying for the surgery. I just feel like my body is falling apart.

I'm glad to know I'm not the only person to be going through this. But at the same time no one should have to go through this before their time. We weren't ever planning on having anymore kids, between us we have 4, but I almost feel like that option was just taken from me. I want to know that I could still have more if I want to, not well my FI had a vasectomy and I'm menopausal so we can't. UGH so frustrating.

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