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1/26/19 2:48 A

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I eat 50% carbs,30% fat,20% protein, I have too low body cholesterol & have extra salt to raise my blood pressure as most foods I eat are natural without salt added, so I add my own. On most days eat about 1/2 of my breakfast, other half 2.5 hours later, same with lunch, full size supper, 2.5 hours later 100 calorie snack. If not I always wake up 2 hours after bedtime hungry, this way I do not & have constant food during the day when I do most activity. DR. also advised to take Gatorade when I exercise as Electrolytes too low, I buy 50 calorie, 16 ounce low calorie, low sugar kind. I have one a day. Starchy carbs. maximum 2 daily, remaining non starchy carbs.

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12/10/16 5:29 P

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Dianne , PEI Canada
Atlantic time Zone

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12/22/15 12:38 P

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Thanks for sharing this. I found your comments very helpful.

Seattle WA

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10/1/10 11:31 P

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CCHERE offered the following tips to a fellow teammate, I thought that we all could benefit from them as well with some I added...


• Have you been tracking your measurements at all?
• Have you had your body fat % calculated yet?
• What are your macro nutrient ratios?
• How many times a day are you eating?
• Are you eating protein + carbs at every meal and snack?
• What kind of carbs are you eating?... do you get most of your carbs from "compleax carbs",like veggies, brown rice, beans and whole grains?

emoticon THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND emoticon

• Everyone is different, so remember this is not a "one size fits "ALL" program

• Remember that the calculations you get from "Freedieting.com, Sparkpeople, etc., are "just that"... you have to pay attention to how you are progressing or not, and tweak your calories/macros accordingly.

• Adjust your calories/macros according to the intensity of your workouts. For instance, if your workout is high intensity cardio or HIIT emoticon workouts or you are doing strength training, emoticon etc., coordinate/reserve these workouts for your "higher calorie cycling" days, you will need the extra calories/energy to sustain you through the workout and prevent the breakdown of muscle.

Likewise,stay active on your "lower calorie cycling" but at a lower intensity.

• Consider adding "carb cycling" to your calorie cycling program if you don't seem to be losing weight as efficiently as you would like to. * If you would like more information about this let me know *

• I can't stress enough the importance of "tracking" your macros and calorie intake. Nutritional tracking serves a twofold purpose:

1.) allows you to see what and how much you are eating, daily

2.) serves as a record that you can refer to when your weight stalls, where you can review/evaluate/adjust your nutritional needs

... I think that Sparkpeople has one of the best online nutritional trackers

Ultimately, whether you decide to track calories meticulously "should depend on your results". Results are what count! Counting portions and “ballparking it” is fine ONLY if you’re getting the results you want.

Lastly, keep in mind that this program is one that you should be able to do for the rest of your life if you choose... it is not a quick fix, but if calorie cycling is followed consistently, based on your "unique" needs, success will be your reward... and don't forget to "have fun" along the way!

... "happy cycling"... ~ Dee ~ emoticon emoticon emoticon

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