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5/9/21 11:00 P

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Sounds as if everyone had a nice weekend!

We made it to NJ - our last leg was the ferry across Delaware Bay, from Lewes, Delaware to Cape May, New Jersey. I'm tired and ready to fall into bed. Only got lost twice, mostly due to the lack of signage. The cats and the inlaws are happy to see us.

More tomorrow!

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5/9/21 7:21 P

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Phebess - I'm glad that the trip over the bridge went well and you enjoyed the drive. As one who counts distances in kilometres rather than miles, 17 miles would seem long to me!

Maree - Since you asked:
Hubby had the Jays game on and it reminded me of one of my recent fondest Mother's days just three years ago when our son had purchased tickets to a game for hubby for his birthday but the game was on Mother's Day so he bought three. We had a lovely day driving down from our son's place (he lived just south of Barrie at the time) to the city (Toronto), taking transit from Yorkdale to the game. going to the game, back to Yorkdale for a bit of shopping before meeting our daughter SIL and grandson for dinner at a restaurant. While we didn't see as much of our daughter and her family that day, it was still nice to have some time with everyone. I'm not a baseball fan but it was a fun day. One of these days we'll be able to enjoy something like that again.
I have heard from both my children and even managed to call my mom. I used to play in a handbell choir - lots of fun and such a unique sound but it sounds so much different when you are playing than what it sounds when you are listening. I hope you enjoyed your day!

Toni - So nice that you could enjoy a lovely few days with guests. We'll get there - eventually. I'm sure you're looking forward to the trip and being able to be with family.

Nell - Chilly enough here too but at least we had sunshine most of the time.

Gill - emoticon on getting out for a walk in spite of the chilly conditions! If I had to don a winter coat and gloves, I'd be heading to my basement instead to use the treadmill or do a walking video.

Bess - My hubby always cooks for me - at least dinner. I do my cooking when I'm at mom's.

Sunny - Some things are just hard to part with aren't they? - even if there seems to be no real purpose in keeping them. I'd say my approach to maintenance is much the same although I'm still trying to lose a little bit. Last I checked, I should lose about another 16 pounds to be at my "ideal" weight but I'd be happy with another 6-7 gone - if it wants to leave without too much fuss. No real hurry here and I'm content enough where I am at the moment - pretty steady graph line with a slight downward trend. I'm further away from my scream weight or what I called my OH NO weight now than I was a even a month or 6 weeks ago. A day by the pool sounds like heaven - enjoy!

Cindy - Sounds like you had a most lovely time with DS and your future DIL and had fun indulging a little bit in some delicious food. I hope today was lovely too!

Donna - I hope that you enjoyed a nice long walk today. A friend of mine lives in a +55 building. Last year they building managers put lawn chairs out on the grassy areas between the two building in the complex and they gathered there to visit and sometimes have some entertainment. I expect that they'll do the same when they can again. There is a battle royale going on between our premier who insists on keeping golf course closed because schools are closed (talk about an apples to oranges comparison!) and the golfing association and even some of his own party members. We'll see if our courses are opened up any time soon.

Kellie - So glad that you had a great time with your kids.

Nancy Anne - Great to hear from you and know that things are falling into place. So glad that you have the closing coming up soon before you are headed to help your mom. Can they (Or have they) put her on oxygen to help her levels stay stable? I hope that they are able to get things sorted out for her so that she can have the necessary surgery.

My day has been nice but relatively quiet. Hubby gave me a lovely card and some luscious Lindor dark chocolate, my daughter called late this morning to chat for a bit before she had to get ready to head to work for the afternoon and evening, and I was able to call my mom. My sister sent me a text to let me know that when my SIL called (my brother was already at mom's) mom managed the phone well enough so I might want to call. I was able to chat with her for a few minutes and with my sister. I've had text messages and an ecard from my son - he might call yet - we'll see. My big accomplishment today is finishing (well almost - just have to cast off my stitches) a sweater that I started near the end of October! I should have - could have - had it done easily enough by late December or early January. I've finished sweaters in less time. Hubby had some wine delivered to go with the steak that he grilled up along with small potatoes and mushrooms, so I've had a delicious dinner. It's been a sunny day and it did warm up a bit but it's still cool for this time of year. Thankfully the sun helps to warm things up. The hibiscus came inside last night and will no doubt be coming in again tonight - and for a couple more. The plants on the deck seem to be okay staying out - they are well up off the ground.

Should go get the stiches cast off. I'm glad to get this one out of my knitting bag because it's bulky and was taking up a lot of space. I can tuck it away now until next winter. Cool as it is, it's not cold enough to need to wear this sweater.

Orillia Ontario (Canada - Eastern Time Zone)

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5/9/21 5:26 P

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Hey everyone! It's been a few days since I've posted. I've been loosely reading everyone's goings-on but not taking the time to respond.

Anyhoo, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all of you! I'd had a nice day, starting with church, then out to eat at my favorite pizza place with hubby, BJ, and Austin, our youngest. We came home and I made everyone make cookies with me (they actually had a good time!) and sent them home with Austin, along with the boxed pizza and a fresh loaf of sourdough rye I'd made yesterday. He was happy, I've had my little splurge, and now it's gone.

Sam has left to take BJ home and visit his mom for a bit, so I'm blessedly alone.

The new house is coming along. Closing is, finally, Tuesday. Praise God! I still have the closet under the stairs to get fully straitened out. We're up in the air as to whether I'm going to keep the sewing room/office or switch it out with Sam for the area he's currently using for an office in the big open area of the basement. Long story. So I've not hung anything on the office walls until we've decided for sure about that.

I'm leaving for California on the 18th for an undetermined amount of time to help my mom with upcoming appointments- Her memory is failing fast. My siblings and I were thinking it was the same dementia her mother had, but now we're wondering if it has something to do with not getting enough oxygen to her brain. If she has surgery soon, it will be a longer stay. If she does not, I'm not sure, as I'm not sure how much longer she'll make it with her mitral (pig) valve failing. All very up in the air. We'll know more after her consultation with the surgeon on the 13th.

For now, I am just enjoying today. I always love hearing what you all are up to! And thank you for those who checked on my privately- It means so very much!

Nancy Anne

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Nancy Anne
5/9/21 1:37 P

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BESS - yes, thanks, I DID manage to get through to my family - my grandson (4yrs old) was very hyper, trying to show me everything of interest - he's so sweet. It was good to talk a bit to them. I'm going to be able to visit them in person in a couple of weeks' time - not staying with them, but popping in to see them.

I watched your story video - you're brilliant! How clever!

SUNNY - I think that being an island we can get rapidly changing weather. I don't think we have a large range of clothes, but we do tend to be in the jumper on/jumper off mode, and carry a raincoat "just in case". There is quite a bit of variation between the north and south of the country - we hardly ever get snow down here in the south-west corner. April was apparently the coldest April for years, but also the sunniest - go figure! Cold in the shade - hot in the sun!

Your poolside breakfast with your family sounds like a total vacation to me! Lovely!

re the decluttering, I'm quite a tidy person, but I have a tendency to have 'out of sight' clutter that doesn't demand attention. I was looking for some paperwork the other day, which I found easily enough, but also noticed that the folder was stuffed with things like instruction manuals for things I no longer have etc! There's always more decluttering to do. Aren't we lucky!?!

CINDY - so happy to hear that your day worked out so well - especially your nephew being in a better place.

DONNA - Your social meet-up sounded wonderful. I'm looking forward to things getting more sociable here too. I hope you got your long walk in.

KELLIE - sounds like you had a lovely meet-up with your kids too - Happy Mother's Day!

5/9/21 12:45 P

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Happy Mothers day to all! I had a lovely day with my kids yesterday at an outside table at a restaurant overlooking the Chicago River. It was cool but very sunny during lunch so that was nice.

Relaxing today except for doing my dad's laundry. He had carpal tunnel surgery so I'm trying to keep him from lifting much. I may got out for a short run when the rain subsides later and hit some upper body ST.

But for now, enjoying doing nothing!


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5/9/21 10:52 A

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Morning all. and Happy Mothers day to everyone. I sure remember the big family get together s with both our Mothers and all the siblings. We were so fortunate all our families got along and we had no issues getting together. I know we were fortunate. I know I will hear from both my kids today but there will be no get together. Next year....we are so behind all of you aren’t we?

I did get together with my neighbours yesterday for a glass of wine and lots of laughter. We have a lovely large area where we can all get together and still distance. We have all had our first shot so we felt comfortable. What fun it was to do this once again. I had to leave early in order to make dinner for hubby but that was ok. It sure lifted the spirits. There are seven suites on our floor so it’s wasn’t a big group. How lucky to have such great neighbours.
Hubby didn’t go with me yesterday when I did my errands. That is too bad as I think he needs to get out more.

Cindy I enjoyed reading your post today and so pleased you had such a wonderful day. Has to lift the spirits for sure. It sounds like you have a very caring future DIL.
Good news about your nephew too.

Toni lucky you for having another trip to look forward too.

Kate once again you have impressed us with your imagination. I loved both cookies! You really are very talented.

It will be a pretty quiet day here today but I am planning on going for a long walk. No rain predicted today.

Enjoy your Mother’s Day everyone!!!

Donna from Greater Vancouver, BC Canada
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5/9/21 8:49 A

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A Great BIG Mother's Day hug to all you fabulous moms!
(And Gil, how interesting that you celebrate at a whole different time in the UK---I had never known that.)

Well, no matter what (if anything) happens today, I had a GREAT early Mother's day yesterday! Took mama out for her vaccine (left home at 8, got home by 8:45!) and it was easy-peasy. Plus, it's in her right arm, which has no feeling (due to the stroke) so she probably won't even know she's sore.
Spent the rest of the morning enjoying myself---a walk with DH, jigsaw puzzle with mom, crossword puzzle while eating my lunch, watching part of The Princess Bride with DH...
DS and future-DIL were due to arrive about 2:30, and at 2:00 I got a call from my nephew. He said the U-Pull-It truck was 30 minutes away from our place, and could I run down to town and pick him up since he'd need to be here to sign over the title of his junker pickup that was finally going to leave our property. We hopped in the car and hurried to get him and get home before DS's arrival and the arrival of the tow truck. As it turned out, I was SO glad this happened, even though it seemed like an interruption to our plans. I had been so upset when he left the night before, worried he'd become so depressed he'd do something desperate. Yesterday he looked good, and told us about his boss/friend being very helpful at this hard time, and he talked about how he (boss) was going to help him (nephew) with getting bonded and insured to get his own business started. Just hearing him talk about future plans made me feel so much better! And it was good to have another chance to give him a big hug and tell him I love him.

That pickup that has sat in our driveway for YEARS now was being loaded onto a tow truck at exactly the same moment our DS (who hasn't been to our place in nearly a year) arrived. What are the odds of that? He had to park up in front of the barn because he couldn't get past the tow truck, LOL. And they brought me a big bouquet of lilies and red roses! And the wonderful F-DIL had made a big lasagna to bake in my oven, and she fixed garlic bread, and baked a cinnamon swirl cake They stayed till a little after 7, and we just had the best time talking and hugging many times, and even seeing little videos of the vineyard they had stopped to visit on the way here, because they think it will be their wedding venue!! We ate till we thought we'd pop, and delicious food that we haven't had in a looooong time. All in all, I couldn't have asked for a better day.

Today I will make up for yesterday by eating very low carb, and exercising more. And mama is reaching for the phone, so got to go! I wish you all as much joy as I feel right now!!


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5/9/21 8:36 A

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The time between when you decide to make a change and when you have made it through the change always made me feel like I was breaking in new shoes. Good luck to your DH. Have a nice Mother’s day with the DD.


Bedspreads really anchor the bedroom and my DH loves color, design and texture. I like plain and beige, so you can imagine the discussions and the huge number of rejects that we go through before we agree.
I agree that jumping jacks are not on my list of exercises.

Do you find yourself wondering why you agreed to take on club responsibilities as you put together big events? What a fun day for you DH and the sailboaters.

The flowers are beautiful and a nice variety of types. I follow a few blogs of people who live in the UK and the weather has been quite varied, a few nice days and then snow and cold. In your part of the world, you must have a wide variety of clothing for various inclement weather but you still need the motivation to get up and get out. Glad to hear that you did and it helped you.


You probably need some down time to let your mind go quiet and your body to be still after all of the activity taking care of your mom and the Littles. Decluttering takes both mental and physical commitment so I can imagine it ends up on the bottom of your list.
It is nice to have day to just enjoy being with people and not thinking about what am I eating.
If only it was easy loving people, I always believe that bubble wrap and duct tape would make things better.


It takes practice to be able to get out and do things by yourself, like staying at the hotel. How fun to just go out and enjoy doing something with people you love in a fun place, even if there was plexiglass.

People make their own choices and only share part the reasons, so you are left wondering what was the truth. Take care


It is nice to have the possibility of going golfing to look forward to, being able to get out, be with people and be physically active. It almost feels like coming out of a cave.
Worrying about your DH saps your energy and probably slows down your motivation to do much.

Hope your feeling better and the cookies are very green.

Maintenance for me is always having part of my mind evaluating what I am eating and planning to see how my choices will fit my current weight. Losing meant watching everything, all the time but now it is just watching that the number does not go above the Scream weight.

Pots are easy to take care of and can be changed with the season or just tossed if they don’t work out. I like a few decorative hanging items outside, it makes for a nice focal point. Enjoy the barbecue

I agree that doing something is better than doing nothing. I find that keeping active helps me to keep my eating under control.

The early morning drive over the bridge sounds wonderful, although I hate driving over bridges, riding is ok. After all your traveling, you are the queen of resourceful, I never would have thought to ask the hotel for the wi-fi password.

BESS have a lovely day

KELLIE It is wonderful that you got to spend the time with your DD, I know it helped your spirits.

Decluttering has been a way of life for me for the past two years, after moving and downsizing. You would think that it would be done, but you are wrong. There are things like the boxes of photos that cannot be stored in the garage because of the summer heat, the boxes of books we haven’t let go of, the boxes of mementos that are too hard to throw away and the wedding present from some relative that seems to be too expensive to just toss. Even though it is still in the original box after all these years. Those are the things that are in a small storage unit that I have committed to clearing out by end of May, definitely by middle of June.

We have been enjoying the pool, today the son in law is making breakfast tacos for all of us and there will be mimosas to go with them. An afternoon in the pool and then we will grill steaks for dinner making it a nice day for all of us to be together.

Everyone have a Happy Sunday

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Sunny in Phoenix, AZ AZTime

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5/9/21 7:53 A

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Happy Mother's Day to all of you - because you've all loved a mother at some time. Sure am missing mine.

Maree - my favorite Mothers Day memory is from about 1986. We three had driven over to hug my own mom and on the way home stopped at the Science Museum to watch the IMax movie they were showing. As we walked up to get tickets the clerk asked me "2 children and an adult?" and I laughed and said "No. I'm the mom." And she said "oh we thought maybe your husband was taking his kids out so mom could have a day off" I still smile at that.

Toni - what a fun couple of days you've had with guests. And now the excitement of that Colorado trip!! whoopee. My picnic is on Tuesday so I'm still getting ready for that. There is a program and a guest so it's not just a picnic.

Nell - we haven't had any drizzle, but it sure is cool outside. If it stays sunny there will be grass cut here today. Hope you have a good day.

Gil - It's amazing how a friend can inspire us by just making good decisions. I think that's the important part of Sparkpeople. I hope you get a good chat/visit in with your son.

Phebess - that's been my experience with the bridge. It's just not a scary one. I like being the passenger, still, but only because it's fun to look at traffic on the bay. Isn't it lovely how politeness takes you so far?

Sue - I always enjoy going to the garden center - even when I don't buy. And I always love it when someone else cooks for me! Enjoy your day.

Kate - I love those cookies - and like Nell, I really like the green. But most of all I like the signature Kate look of them. You do have a delightful sense of humor. I'm sorry you've had a spell of the blues - I hope they're over soon.

Donna - I hope you got your husband out and about yesterday and that it didn't rain all day.

Kellie - thanks. It really was cool for my DH to meet our celebrity. I'll be going down to meet him myself one of these days. He told DH he'd be around for about 5 weeks.

I spent yesterday working on another storytelling video for youTube. Here's a link:


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5/9/21 7:08 A

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Happy Mother's Day to you all (we had ours back in March here in the UK)

I DID go out for a walk yesterday, thanks to a message from a friend who asked how it was down my way, and said "be really easy to loaf around right now.......... but on with boots and off out now!" That spurred me into action, and I got my winter coat, hat, gloves (yes, it's MAY!) and went out for a walk around town. I felt very pleased with myself - and very grateful to my friend. Then later I got out a DVD and did 30 mins of Body Groove (for older people - Young at Heart) and got a sweat on! I think those two bouts of exercise set me up to feel more positive today - and I've already been out for a run!

Even though it's not Mother's Day in the UK, I might try calling my son and his family and see if anyone's home! (and not be upset if they don't answer!)

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5/9/21 6:54 A

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Good morning. It's chilly and drizzly here for now. I hope local business can have a better Mother's Day than they did last year. I talked to all my boys yesterday, they'll be busy with their own families today.

Phebess, I'll bet that hotel clerk gets a lot of requests to find cheaper lodgings.

Kate, I love the shade of green on your cookies.

Have a peaceful day.

Reston, Virginia (DC suburbs)

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5/9/21 6:17 A

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Good morning!

Happy Mother’s Day. I think the year I became a mom was my favorite. I remember thinking how happy I was to be so in love with my little guy so recently arrived and wow, now I get a new holiday too. Just fun, that feeling of ‘becoming...’

We had several good days with our friends, walking, cooking, chatting and relaxing under the same roof. The newness of this kind of lovely weekend after Covid may wear off but right now it sure feels divine.

Kellie, it is fun to hear about your adventures and how you seem to be taking school in stride. Starting was so understandably stressful and here you are now, moving right along.

Phebe, love how your straightforwardness paid off with that hotel clerk. Kindness really matters, doesn’t it?

Nell, you sure have me thinking about lying.

Kate, the two cookies together made me smile. That whimsical ‘note’ you strike in many of your designs is just fun. Thank you for sharing.

Bess, eager to hear how your picnic came off. The weather really was a little chilly, but there were sure some fine moments in our VA day yesterday.

Gill, decluttering is so akin to weeding in a garden, is it not? We pull and pull and toss and the darned ‘stuff,’ in this case keeps popping up. I actually enjoy both activities once I get going, lol!

Cindy, some ‘stories’ are so hard to watch. Glad you are working at stepping back from the ups and downs in that young family.

Donna, how did your errands go? Some days I really need just to ‘get out,’ as you are making happen for your DH. A simple thing that boosts our spirits. I hope whatever you did lightened your hearts a bit.

Sue, we seem a bit ahead of you with bringing plants in and out before setting them in their spring/summer place. But this season is so up and down. We have had fires a couple of mornings here to warm the launch of the day.

I’m looking forward to a quiet day, doing laundry and beginning to think about what to pack for Colorado next weekend. Makes me smile just thinking about that trip.

Have a fine Sunday however you celebrate! Toni

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5/9/21 5:52 A

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Good morning!

Happy Mother's Day! Hope all the mothers hear from their children and/or have some great memories to cherish. One of my fondest memories includes spending a sunny day on the back deck of the houseboat with DD, just sunbathing and paging through magazines and totally relaxing, while DH entertained DGD. Other memories of the day were spent planting flowers. What are your favorites?

We will exchange cards with DD and DGD, go to her church and watch her play in the Bell Choir and then pack up and head home. We've done enough "food" celebrating since we arrived Friday night. I'm done eating. I don't like feeling this full.

I enjoyed the pictures of your flowers, Gill, and your cookies, Kate. And everyone's thoughts and doings. Off to shower and get ready for the day.

Hope all have a great day and stay healthy!

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