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4/10/11 8:19 A

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Been there, done that with the "interesting" burns! LOL! I haven't been to the tanning booth in a awhile but the last time I went regularly I would start with only a few minutes to avoid the burns and slowly work my way up. I also found that I was less likely to burn using the stand ups than in the beds.

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4/6/11 2:08 P

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I'm so pale that my friends in high school used to call me casper! I would go to the tanning beds just to avoid having to deal with one more stupid nickname for people to use to make fun of me, but it would take me about 10 visits just to get a little bit tan and my "tan" is what most people look like normally. Damn irish heritage. LOL! Haven't gone for years, but there was one time where the guy mixed up my time with the girl's next to me (I don't know why we couldn't get our own timers?!?) and I was in for like 15 min longer than usual and I ended up with racoon eyes from the little goggles they make you wear to protect your eyes. After that I started just covering my face with a towel.


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4/6/11 11:46 A

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Stay out of the tanning beds y'all - spray tan is much safer for you.

I'd like to say I fully embrace my pasty skin, but if I'm going to have much skin exposed, I'd still look for some self-tanner or bronzer. Because yeah, it does make you look a bit thinner and I'm kinda vain.

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4/5/11 10:56 P

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I've never intentionally gone tanning. Up until a few years ago I was always jealous of those pasty white girls, being Italian and Colombian I've never had that beautiful white glow. During the summer I tan naturally.

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4/5/11 3:24 P

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I do not go tanning, but given my olive skin tones, I have always tanned crazy easy just by being outside, so in the summer, I do get a really nice glow going. Burning is a new concept to me. But I can't say as I have had an interesting one.

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4/5/11 3:00 P

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I don't use the tanning beds, A couple of years back I did, and 1 day I was in a stand up tanning booth and after 5 mins I had to get out, dress as fast as I could, and just barley made it to the bathroom in time to throw up. I have not gone back since.

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4/5/11 2:09 P

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I don't have the finances (or access to a gym) to tan right now - but I used to, and have suffered bum burn. A lot of people who tan will do it nude, but a lot will do it in their bathing suits. Which can prevent some of the more interesting tan lines...

I recommend using a bronzer tanning lotion. It really helps enhance the color, and etc of the tan. Esp for people like me who are freckly and don't tan well.

Hope the burn heals quickly!!!

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4/5/11 1:28 P

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I have not started this year but I usually tan for a few times a week for 4-6 weeks in the spring for 5-6 minutes per time to develop a light base which seems to help with me a) not burning out in the summer sun b) adds some nice color to my features.

One time I laid in the bed too long simply because it felt amazing and I "cooked" my cleavage and tush! Talk about itchy and annoying!

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4/5/11 1:24 P

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I can tan fairly well when I'm out in the sun, but I don't seem to get out enough anymore. I did the tanning beds when I was younger, but because of the health dangers I stopped going.

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4/5/11 12:33 P

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I tan from time to time. Much less now when I am younger. I am a freckled red head that can tan very very dark once I have a base tan. I have also experienced the tan lines that last for 2-3 years. I was a swimmer and a lifeguard in that former life known as youth and I lived in the sun during the summer. I didn't need a tanning bed, save to help get RID of the tan lines.

I also grew up in the mid-west and our winters were more often than not gray. I could probably count on one hand the number of truly sunny days we would have during winter. About December/January it would finally start to take a toll on my emotions and health and I would break down and buy a tanning package. I would probably go once a week or so, just to get some sun, even if it was fake. The funny thing, even when I would go daily in my teens and early twenties, I ALWAYS covered my face after the first 2-3 visits.

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4/5/11 12:18 P

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I don't go tanning. Growing up I would burn and then tan and with the risk of skin cancer and wrinkles I would rather not. No tanning beds for me. It's just unnatural for my taste. I'm planting a garden this year and will be outside a lot. I'll be stocking up on suntan lotion soon.

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4/5/11 11:15 A

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I admit I'm against tanning for myself because of an incident that happened to me when I was younger. I spent one of my summers swimming outdoors nearly every day and I got very, VERY tan doing so, to where the line of my swimsuit was like dividing brown and white. It took nearly three years for that tanline to go away, that's how dark it was. Ever since then, if I get at all tanned by the sun it takes months or years to go away. For instance, I got a bad sunburn line on my thighs last summer at the beach because my shorts rode up higher than I put my sunscreen, and that line is STILL there on my thighs. Anything that lasts that long on me is something I dont' want to have, so I avoid any sort of tanning, either natural or manmade.

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4/5/11 10:36 A

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emoticon I only laugh, CJ, because I've been there. I actually used to use tanning beds A LOT! Thanks to an Italian heritage, I tan easily in the summer, but when I was in college, and even not long after, tanning was cheap at, well, it was just the thing to do. I went in once after having not gone in a while and set the timer for what I normally would have and, apparently they much have changed the bulbs, because I had red lines from the top of my shoulders all the way down my legs. The plus side to tanning bed burns is they don't seem to last as long as actual sunburns.


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4/5/11 10:21 A

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In this last month of my gym's weight loss challenge, the trainers have strongly urged the contestants to get a tan before the final weigh-in. I guess you look healthier and can hide some of the problem areas with a tan. Anyhow, I go to the tanning bed and decide to give it a try. That's where I get to today's question, really a two-fold question.

One, do you tan (can you get one at all or do you use tanning beds)? Two, have you suffered an interesting burn as a result?

This is the first time that I've gotten a tan other than being out in the sun, so this is also the first time I've tanned in anything other than fairly long swim trunks. I figured I would try it with skimpier undies to keep from burning places that shouldn't burn, but also to keep the tan lines to a minimum and easily hidden by anything I would wear in public. Well, as I got into the tanning bed, my shorts must have ridden up a bit more than I thought, and now what once was a very white butt that has very rarely seen sunshine now has a very red part to it. That makes my desk job where I sit on my butt all day long much more interesting.

Maybe that's too much information, but it's still fun to think about.

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