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5/31/11 10:57 P

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Welcome to the team, Angie!

Be-the-Change - Deb
Eastern Time - Pittsburgh PA
Co-leader - Purple Phoenix

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." ~ Mahatma Gandhi

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ANGIEN9's Photo ANGIEN9 Posts: 4,104
5/31/11 10:45 P

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I just joined this team. I have lost 37 pounds since February 2011. Glad to be on the team. Angie

~~Angie ~~
Just taking it one day at a time!!!

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CD4363972 Posts: 9,577
5/29/11 11:26 P

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FYI - I need a fresh start and so I am starting a new page with a new name. So when you see Be-the-Change, that will be me!

CD4363972 Posts: 9,577
5/29/11 11:25 P

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Sorry about your losses, Renee. I hope everything comes together with your house.

CD4031018 Posts: 1,685
5/26/11 2:59 P

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Message Removed

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5/18/11 7:45 P

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Hey this is emoticon

I believe

Start Weight: 116.5kg

1st Weight goal is for Weight 10% : 104.9 kg

2nd Weight goal is for : 100kg

3rd weight goal is for loosing Weight 20% : 93.2 kg

4th weight goal is for loosing weight 30% : 81.5 kg

5th weight goal is for loose weight 40% 69.9 kg

Goal Weight: 65 kg

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5/17/11 4:47 P

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Ehhh.....home life is good, work sucks!! Same story different day I suppose. Anyway, I posted new goals for the month and am looking forward to my success!! Good luck to you all!!

POOH97015's Photo POOH97015 Posts: 4,416
5/15/11 1:54 P

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Terri4ever, this is a great group and you will find a lot of support. My goals for May got rearranged a bit as I went hiking last weekend into a local waterfall and broke my foot! Here I was trying to do some nice healthy exercise and took myself out of commission for the next 6-8 weeks. I see the Orthopedic Doctor tomorrow morning to see what they are going to do with my foot and hopefully have it casted. I've just been in a foam shoe and using a cane to get around since I broke it and it hurts like the devil! I have an extremely high pain threshold so sometimes I almost pass out before I realize I'm in pain. Not good!
My goals this month are to find some exercise that I can do to help me lose weight. To continue with my Weight Watcher's and hopefully lose another 10 pounds this month and hit my 5% weight loss with them. I just started 5 weeks ago with WW, while I've been with Spark People since February, so in total I've lost about 20 pounds already. I also want to get my room fixed up and ready for when my boyfriend comes to visit hopefully the first part of June. He has been overseas on a business trip for 3 months and I miss him terribly. We met on the internet and have never actually met face to face! This will be our first meeting and I want to make a good impression. We talk every day online or on the phone,

I had to cancel the 28 day Bikini Bootcamp because of my foot and also my plans for the Walk-It with WW on May 22nd. I am bummed, but there will always be another opportunity. I don't think I was in shape enough to handle the workouts for the bootcamp anyway. I will do what I can this month and keep moving forward. I am tracking everyday both here and at WW. I think I need to lower my calories a little bit while I'm more sedentary since I'm not working them off like I was before. We will see. Wish me luck!

Hugs, Lauri

Always remember you are braver than you believe,
stronger than you seem,
smarter than you think,
and loved more than you know!

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CD7487011 Posts: 1,577
5/15/11 5:53 A

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hey all just joined the 28 day bootcamp and did my first video so im feeling good this am hopeing this week to break the 300 mark and get into the 200s finally so thats my goal im having a great day and hope all have one too

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5/13/11 11:13 A

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Just joining this team. So far, May is great because I am starting to get my weight behind me. I have been trying to do this on my own and I just keep failing. So I am joining this team. Hope it is a good group and I make lots of friends.

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5/10/11 9:46 A

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morning - ok, so I am a little late checking in
May is going well - am doing a twice a week bootcamp - 2 hours each time - and boy does Susan kick our butts - posted a blog last week about it - and the number of crunches

my overall goal for May is of course to lose weight - but for May and June I am really working hard on inches - I know you can not spot lose weight, but you can spot tone, and I have some things happening at the end of June that I want to be smaller for - ultimately this will help with the weight loss as I am going to be pushing hard so there will be calorie burn, but I know I am putting on some more muscle right now - it seems that in the first few weeks of a hard workout program I put on a few pounds of msucle BEFORE I start to see the fat drop off - well - that is what happened, I worked out really hard last week - and had a 2 1/2 pound gain - well today it is back to normal, so now the scale will start to drop

the good thing is - I have been thru this before so I know to expect it and not get freaked like last time

the bad thing is - I have been thru this before - and back slid so I have to do it again

the good thing is - while I might take some planned breaks - there wll be no more back sliding

Respect the mountain. Then take it with a Passion!

Movie quote: "Never Surrender, Never say Die" - my diet motto

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5/9/11 1:24 P

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I initally got off track with my January weight loss plan so I am getting back on the wagon and starting my year off in May. My weight is 276.6 and I've really started to use my food and exercise trackers here on SP. I'm getting daily exercise (walking twice a day) and making sure I stay within my calorie range.

I hope everyone has a successful May! emoticon

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LALAMANDA13's Photo LALAMANDA13 Posts: 60
5/9/11 10:52 A

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So I have re-joined this group after an 8 month hiatus & I feel awful. I have gained all the 25 lbs I lost back and I have to start from square one. I am so done with this "yo-yo" diet and this time it will stick!! My husband and I are hoping to start trying for children in the winter of 2012, so I have 100lbs to lose before this. I want to be a healthy mom and not bring my child into the world as I am now: out of breath, size 28, tired all the time, high cholesterol, etc. I need lots of motivation so I am joining this group for help!! For my May weigh-in, I am at 332lbs and size 28. My hope is by the end of this year, I can be in the 280s or so!! I am going to re-vamp my website and start blogging every day to keep myself accountable. Here we go!!!

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CD4363972 Posts: 9,577
5/8/11 12:20 P

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Congrats, Sandy!

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5/7/11 3:59 P

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I reached my 40 pounds lost award today! Of course I had to blog about it! emoticon

Check it out: www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_jo


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CD7487011 Posts: 1,577
5/7/11 1:55 A

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im good my year though really starts in may i have lost 7lbs so far and am planning to have a great may so i am on the ball getting all my stuff ready and starting to write down everything so i can see what im doing and know where to fix things

CD4363972 Posts: 9,577
5/6/11 8:47 P

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Way to go, Lex!

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5/6/11 6:26 P

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This month feels like it's off to a good start. Clothes are fitting looser each day.

CD4363972 Posts: 9,577
5/6/11 4:56 P

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Sorry this is so late - just getting caught up after DH's hospital stay.

How is everyone doing??

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