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5/4/12 5:53 A

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I don't know what I can add to White Lotus' reply! She said it so well!

The only way through the pain is right through the middle. It does seem as if the pain will never stop, but eventually it will. It will just seem like forever, because at first each minute seems like an hour. I prayed at first to just get through the next minute, hour, day.

Grief classes do help, even though they make you cry while you're talking about your loss.

Ohio Mom: Your mind is so distracted with the grief that it's entirely possible not to remember someone. Only someone who has not suffered such a loss could fail to understand that. I'm glad you recognize that it is a grief problem, even if your boss doesn't.

Hugs to you both!

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5/4/12 12:38 A

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I could not go to work at all this week, called in sick mon, tues, then wed just told them to put me down for annual wed, thur and fri. All I did was cry at work Thru and fri last week and all last week end, just could not fathom going to work this week and doing it all over again, thing of it is I don't even think it is about losing my husband. Thurs I was told I was rude because I did not recognise someone I had seen only for 30 seconds the last week, thru a plate glass window, then I was told by my boss that was unacceptable, I am in shock, me rude, never. How on earth am I supposed to have instand facial recognition under the present circumstances. For crying out loud. So I did take the time off, a person can only do what a person can and if you feel you can not do your job at present and you have the time to take, then by all means take it. We can only greive as fast as our hearts will let us. It is not an instant process.

You are doing great.

Goal: To do better today.

Treasure the past, live in the present and believe in the future.

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5/3/12 10:41 P

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I'm sorry for your loss. Time will make the pain feel less like you are suffocating. Maybe you need to find a better way to talk. Therapy really helped me. Hope you find a moment in the day to feel better.

If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results.

- It's Janine!

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5/3/12 10:19 P

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Just my take on grief--Crying does help. Talking to others helps. Journaling helps. Resisting the feelings does not unfortunately. Try to allow these feelings to happen, and move through you, knowing that they will pass. Talking to others in the same situation helps. What I think I hear you saying is you are resisting the pain. It really does slow the process down.

It's only been 7 weeks. The blink of an eye. Barely time to notice the change. Take one thing at a time. Unless there is a time crunch to get things packed, don't rush it. If there is what are your choices? Pack it all and sort later one box at a time? Or take pictures of it all and save only what you can't live without in person.

Hugs and blessings--this isn't an easy time- It doesn't go away quickly. Be gentle with yourself.

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5/3/12 7:00 P

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Lost Dad 7 weeks ago.
Had such a bad week, I am so crabby with people. I just wanted to stay in bed. Had to force myself into going to work this week. At least I went but wasn't one of my most productive weeks.
I am not a crier, but that all I want to do. Went to a support group last night but that just made me cry more. When is this going to end?
I still haven't packed up Dad's stuff yet. So many decisions to make, can't focus and feel so alone.
Talking about it doesn't seem to help much either.
So glad my week is over!

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