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1/9/20 11:04 A

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This is good information to help you get started. RFTalent's post is very well done. It should be the basis ffor your workouts. Thank you for getting us started

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5/13/17 7:20 P

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You are so correct in getting a certified kettle bell instructor to teach you how to swing.

I found one about 6 years ago. He is my chiropractor who is certified through DragonDoor. I was having an issue with my back when I had a personal trainer, just regular gym stuff. Nothing very hard, Treadmill, pulldowns, exercise ball, that type of stuff. That's when I went to my PCP had x-rays done. Oh, I am stable says the nurse. But then I would wake up every morning with pain in my back. I thought I pulled a muscle. I found a chiropractor through my pastor who went to him.

So with x-rays in hand, he finds out that I have spinal stenosis, and spondyliothesis as well.

Even with trying to avoid surgery by way of trying to strengthen my core, I did undergo surgery and had bone graft done. I had felt like someone hit me with a sledgehammer from my right hip all the way down to my ankle. Talk about wanting to be put out of misery. I really feel for those that have gone that route and still have issues.

It took me a good 2 1/2 years to heal. I did everything, and I mean everything my surgeon told me to do, including wearing a bone stimulator.

I was very fortunate that my core was in great condition before I had the surgery as the muscles all snapped back into place once the surgery was done.

So now I am ready to swing again with the same chiropractor. I will be using TRX, mobility, and the kettle bell.

I will be starting next week and I am very excited just to swing!

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1/30/17 7:54 A

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I find it amusing you do not recommend Paul Katami, but when I did a search on Spark for kettlebells the first thing that popped up was a series of videos by him. On the comments of the videos a lot of people were saying Dr Oz recommends him.

...which I think makes me inclined to agree with you ha ha.

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3/11/16 5:40 P

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Staying strong & Motivated

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7/16/15 8:31 P

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Thank you for the information:-)

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1/24/14 3:25 P

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Thanks for the information! All the other posts are older and being new to this was looking for more of what you provided for information. Of course, I just received my Giam kb and dvd today, which isn't on your list of suggestions! I'm going to give it a go, and then when ready for more of a challenge will get one of them!

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2/24/11 11:39 P

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My personal thanks go out to LORRAINEG57 for the time and effort that she spent to provide the following introduction and guidelines.

Welcome to the Kettlebell Challenge Team! This team is designed for people at any level of kettlebell training. It is dedicated to teaching/discussing primarily hard style kettlebell training with emphasis on proper technique,form and your growth as a Girevik (yes, you may have to google that one). Most kb'er's who post here are serious about the sport, many take private lessons, some are aiming to get certified to teach kb. New members are always welcome and questions on anything kb are always welcome.

This post is a kettlebell primer. The basics. What you should know before venturing into the many, many threads posted here. Hopefully, it will answer many of your questions.

1. "What is a kettlebell?"

Picture a cannonball with a handle on it.

2. "Can't I just use a dumbbell?"

Kettlebell handles are thicker than dumbbell bars which will improve your grip. Also the weight distribution of a kettlebell will force you to use more stabilizing muscles than the evenly distrubuted weight of a dumbell

3. "What size kettlebells are there?"

8lbs, 12lbs, 18lbs, 26lbs, 35lbs,44lbs, 53lbs, 70lbs, 80lbs, 88lbs, 97lbs
4kg, 8kg, 12kg, 16kg, 20kg, 24kg, 28kg, 36kg, 40kg, 44kg
(heavier are available, this is a typical selection of sizes.)

4. "What size should I start with?"

Typical starting weight for women is 18-20 lb.
Men should start anywhere between 25-35 lb.

5. But I saw a video with a trainer using a 10lb bell to start! In fact the video I have one that shows that!

Yeah, probably you should throw that dvd in the trash if you're serious about kb. The kettlebell swing is the foundational exercise of kb and should be the first one you learn. One of the tenants of the swing is that you load the hamstrings on the back end of your swing. 10 lb's is simply not heavy enough to do that. See starting weights above.

6. I saw Jillian Michaels do swings, it doesn't look that hard.

Jillian Michaels is not a kettlebell instructor. She is a fitness instructor which doesn't qualify her to teach kb. Google Jillian Michaels +kettlebell and you'll understand. She has no idea how to swing a Kb and she should stick to what she knows, general fitness. It is very easy to injure yourself even with a lighter weight kb. The swing is a ballistic movement when done properly with so many nuances and many ways to do it wrong. I can NOT overemphasize this: Learn the swing properly, it is the foundational exercise for all things kb. You can (and some people do) do nothing more with a kb than swings and get results, that's how good it is. Dragondoor.com has a tab at the top of the page listing instructors that are HKC or RKC certified, either is fine. New instructors are added all the time, keep checking. If you can even remotely swing it (pun intended) take a couple lessons from an instructor. Don't try to teach yourself from a dvd. Like I said, there are so many nuances in a correct swing, you can't even SEE them on a dvd. If there's not a certified instructor anywhere near you and you HAVE to self teach from a dvd, take advantage of the team. Have a friend video your swing and have one of the more experienced kb'ers give you a critique. Anyone can swing, swinging correctly is hard.

7. "I work out already, does that qualify me to start at an intermediate level?"

Nothing that you're doing now or have done will prepare you for kb training. Weight lifting is pretty much muscling the weight up, kb is using your core/glutes to move the weight with what is called a "hip snap". It's a ballistic movement and I can't think of another sport or exercise that uses the same dynamic. No matter what you're doing now, you're still a newb at kb and need to start at the beginning. (hint: swing")

8. "I'm brand new to kb. What routine/workout should I follow?"

Swings, swings and more swings. Once again, I can not stress this enough. Learn the swing. All the rest is moot if you don't know the swing. If you're brandy new to kb, it's all you need to get started. You can add variations of the swing, one handed swings, alternating swings. Static deadlifts can be added because they reinforce the need to keep the back straight and use the power from the glutes, hamstrings and hips to lift the bell which is paramount to the swing. Do not jump in and try to learn 10 exercises off the bat. If your swing isn't correct, you'll be doing them incorrectly anyway. In reality, you don't even need to learn anything else but the swing to reap the benefit of kb's . Obviously, that could get a little old after a period of time and there are a TON of kb exercises you'll progress to. That's my point though, you do need to progress to them.

9. How often should I work out?

Three times a week is enough. Of course more won't hurt but it's all that's necessary.

That's it...the answers to probably the most common questions. Below is additional info and feel free to post and ask if I've forgotten anything or you don't understand something. This is a very supportive group and you'll usually get a very prompt response. The folks here take kb very seriously and will do whatever they can to help you achieve your goals. We've created a place just for questions on form since it is so critical so please ask any relevant questions there. There is also a swing synopsis posted there.

Suggested resources:

Websites: www.artofstrength.com

Suggested DVD's (Instructors certified specifically to teach kb)

Pavel Tsatsouline (founder of the kb revolution)
Andrea DuCane
Sarah Lurie
Lauren Brooks
Any of the Art of Strength dvd's
Any dvd available from the above websites

NOT Recommended:

Jillian Michaels
Gin Miller
Paul Katami
Angie Miller
Bob Harper

Note: Any of the suggested dvd's are fine. Sara Lurie (IronCore series) being the most reasonably priced. That being said, they are all full kb workouts consisting of probably 10 different exercises that are not necessary or recommended for a newbie. The most important thing about any dvd is that the instructor be RKC certified not just a certified fitness instructor.

Most importantly, HAVE FUN! Swing like you mean it!

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I am a beginner who is learning the purist, RKC Hardstyle method.
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