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1/3/10 8:14 P

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I've had yeast infections for....oh, shoot since 1994 on a regular basis. Really constantly with just a few respites. So far no doctor or anything can tell me why and no yeast diet has ever helped. When I was pregnant I cleared up completely.

I also have IBS, I tried a lot of probiotics without any effect whatsoever, until I started eating yogurt before bed, it helped - and then when I added a really good probiotic and fiber supplement it helped a whole lot. (I also take L-Glutamine)

Not sure if it will help the yeast issue, I might be stuck with that one.

Best of Luck!

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12/27/09 10:21 P

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I have followed a diet for Candida using a book called the Yeast Connection. It contains a special diet as well as supplements along the way.

After 2 months, i was again able to eat many foods that I was allergic to before and felt so much better. I still find if I stay away from fats and sugar i always feel better, which most everyone does.

I have also talked to doctors and they recommended Align. I didn't see much of a difference, but all probiotics affect every person differently. They say to try different brands until you find one that works. I also found that yogurt helped in this area as well.

Hope this helps!

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11/1/09 12:58 P

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I really do believe this is an issue not taken seriously by health care persons (Which I am one of) I have had lots of antibiotics over the years.

One thing many people do not realize is there is a certain balance of candida in the body at normal levels. The problem is when you kill of the Bacteria that feeds on the candida with antibiotics.

I have had many vaginal yeast infections, which leads me to believe I do have an overgrowth of them.

I am not sure what to say, my Doctors just kinda smirk when I tell them what I am thinking. Kinda like "You have been on the internet" Look.

When I went to Rochester at the Mayo clinic for evaluation of my problem. The Doctor there said Align is a good product and he thought I could benefit from it. So I have started the product. I have noticed since I am usually constipated, My problem has changed more in the other direction.

My diagnosis was Pelvic floor dysfunction, so there are other issue for me to deal with.

If you think you want to investigate this, you really should. There are many people and places to talk to.

All I can do, is my best!


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11/1/09 12:20 P

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Interesting article - also love the instructions for making yogurt in my crockpot - gonna do it. I take probiotics every day as well as digestive enzimes before each meal. If you suspect parasites, you can get get a pill to take daily - just ask at health food/vitamin stores - also, papaya (sp?) is great for the tummy and the seeds are said to get rid of parasites - contain enzymes.

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11/1/09 11:27 A

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Interesting article! I didn't particularily like the part about consuming more saturated fats though~I try to stay away from those! I wouldn't know what I would eat if I didn't have my peanut butter sandwiches without jelly on my 5 seed wheat bread though. That is my special treat during the day! I do try to eat yogurt every day and that has helped me greatly. Have to do some serious thinking and planning about this kind of diet!!! Thanks for the info!!!

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11/1/09 11:14 A

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Does anyone know about this? What are your thoughts on it? I read this blog the other day www.nourishingdays.com/?p=229
and it has me thinking. Could this really be something?

I read the symptoms and frankly they list every possible thing which makes me this it's non sense. Wikipedia said doctors don't agree it's a real cause for concern. Yet I did note that not eating sugar and grains has relieved many of my symptoms and I always wondered why. Could this be it?

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