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1/15/10 8:29 A

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This week I randomly stopped for coffee on my way home from dropping off my eldest daughter at school. I was dying as my one year old had been up most of the night crying (he had shots at his checkup that day). So I grabbed hubby a coffee too and came home. He was so shocked and surprised to have a coffee waiting for him. It was really sweet. I managed to do it 3 days during the weekend and while sitting together on the sofa watching tv he said. "I really love that you got me coffee this week. It was so sweet and saved me a ton of time in the morning."

Aww... It was nice to have him be so appreciative.

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1/13/10 5:43 A

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My hubby and I talk on the phone a lot. My hubby's schedule is not set and he mostly works the evening shift, so there are some weeks that we don't get to see much of each other. We have a notebook that we write in to tell each other stuff. We also leave notes in the lunch box.

I make sure he has a lunch for work and coffee in the morning. He makes sure that I have stuff for lunch. He cooks me dinner most of the time.

We just try to go out of our way to make sure that we both know each other is thinking about each other.

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1/12/10 3:44 P

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Yes it is the little things that keep it alive and moving forwards

We've got just over 3 months till we've been married a year, but we've already been living together for a year.

Since neither of us have had work in over a year we've spent a lot of time together 24/7/356 actually .. and its meant that we have really gotten to know each other and that we do get along very well living in the same place with life stresses and everything taking place.

We're currently parted do to red tape between our two countries - but we still talk every day over skype for hours on end while we are both job hunting and what not. We manage to keep our love going strong though we are parted, no easy task for most newly weds I am sure.

Well take care!

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CD4720955 Posts: 1,310
1/12/10 8:47 A

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I'd love some ideas from you all on the little things you do to keep the *spark* haha.. going in your marriage. Yes we are all newlyweds..but in my case my hubby and I have lived together for two years (been married 2 months now)... We are older-ish (late 30's and early 40's) with motley crue of his hers and ours when it comes to kiddos (5 total, 4 live here).. Life stressors are high..

We text daily, little I love yous.. Today I stopped and got us coffee on the way home from dropping the 13 year old off at school. But.. there is so much more room for keeping the love going..

So.. thoughts thoughts thoughts?? And thanks for sharing! :)


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