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2/13/10 9:28 P

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I also have asthma and it was kicking me hard the last couple of weeks. Surprising that it is bad in the winter but it affected my sleep. While I was sleeping I wasn't getting a sound sleep. This affects my depression and triggers bad behaviors. I find reasons to get moving or keep moving. Try it for yourself and it will help just be allowed to be kind to yourself when you can't.

You'll find a lot of support and ideas on the team and the site in general. I found the more I participated the more support and positive vibes I got. I wish you the best in your endeavors and achieving your goals.


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1/14/10 3:47 P

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If I am sick in the "porcelain is a close companion" I drink plenty of fluid with a little sugar (don't usually have sugar or have some lemonaide with the fizz shaken out of it (not the diet variety so I get the sugars) or weak cups of tea. IF I feel like eating it is usually something very bland. If possible I stay in bed and get plenty of sleep as my body demands. With the vomitting/diarrhoea thing it is better to leave food alone for 24 hours UNLESS you actually feel like eating, in which case make sure it is bland and low fibre and fat. That is one of the few times I eat white bread. If it goes on for more than 24hrs then you may need to consider actually SEEING a Dr. (It COULD be an organism in the gut.) With the Asthma there is a possibility that your body is low in oxygen, which is why you don't have the engergy and are really tired. If this happens on a "more than very occasional basis" then it is important to see your Dr because obviously your meds need reviewing. Also, some people just take the inhaler that you use DURING an attack and not realise that they may be needing to take a preventer on a daily basis to keep the attacks at bay. IF you are on a preventer, then it is possible that the dose needs to be increased, but that is for your Dr to decide.

A friend of mine had very bad asthma and carries a nebuliser around with her. One day she had an asthma attack, but it only showed in that she was really tired and wanted to go to bed and sleep. Her husband had to physically carry her to the car and take her to the hospital. He was told that even 1/4 hr later and it would have been too late, because her organs were all shutting down. That is why she was so tired - the Oxygen level was dangerously low.

My hubby sounds like he could be related to your ex.

Last year we both got violent bouts of diarrhoea and vomiting. Mine diarrhoea also included a lot of bright blood pouring from me. A couple days later my hubby was fine, but I continued with the blood pouring out and the resulting extreme weakness. Because he went back to work, he told me that because he was o.k. now, then there was nothing wrong with me either!" He obviously sees me as an extention of himself!

Some people just DON'T get it - the don't because often they don't WANT to get it. So long as they are fine then so too is every one else.

I don't use OTC flu remedies - they don't really work except often to make a person feel better that they are doing something for themselves. If it is persistent I make sure I see a Dr, or at least ph. one and discuss it with them. Another really important thing is to NOT go stressing your body by doing physically demanding stuff like vacuuming, mopping floors etc. Your body needs what energy it gets to repair itself. With the flu/diarrhea/vomitting, I would be inclined to leave dishes alone (that other people are using), too, UNLESS you are putting them into a dishwasher.

Hope this helps,

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1/14/10 2:50 P

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I also tend to sleep. I agree with your ex about getting up at least to eat and drink something,but I agree with you that it's easier said than done.

I avoid over the counter medication except for mucinex (guaifenesin) which I take if I'm congested and can't be bothered to use my neti pot. I also try to make sure to take my vitamins and regular meds on sick days. That's easy to forget/skip when I'm not feeling well.

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1/14/10 9:47 A

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I stay down best I can. I do try and keep drinking even if is just water. Keeping hydrated is important. I do have a problem with staying down though. I tend to get up and clean house...even though hubby scolds me.
I deal with OCD and so I am obsessed with keeping up with housework, unless I am so sick I cannot.

Rest up and feel better soon!



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1/14/10 9:39 A

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Give myself the time to get better usually and take as little additional medication as possible. In times when I have taken the over the counter types of cold and flu medications that are available it always seemed like it took longer for me to get better, so I quit using them. Now it can take about two days to feel better maximum. If I take longer, I see the doctor.

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1/14/10 9:33 A

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I'm not feeling great today physically. My asthma is not liking me today at all, even though I have taken my meds for the day. My stomach also seems to be wanting to pray to a porcelain god.

When I am sick, I sleep. And I do mean SLEEP! I won't get up except for bathroom and water. It takes 24 hours usually for me to feel better when I have virus. My ex used to wake me to make me eat, saying I'd feel better if I did.

I'm curious as to what you all do when you are sick?

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