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11/7/12 8:15 P

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I was not hungry after my HM this past Saturday. I forced myself to eat a couple of small meals throughout the rest of the day, including chocolate milk and a piece of fruit right after the race. My appetite picked back up on Sunday.

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10/12/12 1:12 P

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10/12/12 12:43 P

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I can't remember how I felt after my first HM (about a year ago). I remember wanting (and having) a few drinks emoticon .

I know that usually, after short training runs and races (e.g., 4 miles or less), I'm hungry pretty much right away. After the 10-mile race in September, my appetite felt a bit suppressed for the day but then picked up so I was hungrier than usual the next day. On the day of the race, I definitely wanted to eat, but I only wanted to eat a little. On my long training runs, I've felt similarly: a little hungry when I'm done but not interested in eating a lot all at once. However, as the day progresses (and the day after), my appetite picks up and I'm hungrier than usually.

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10/12/12 9:00 A

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I have this problem sometimes. I can only drink chocolate milk right after. I have no desire for food. But I've learned that I absolutely have to eat something. I actually take a can of chocolate slim fast with me and check it in my bag at the bag check. That way if chocolate milk isn't available, I know I'll have something. Then I will make sure I eat something. Then I sometimes have to just make myself eat the rest of the day. I try to stay on a normal schedule and don't force myself to eat extra beyond what I normally would eat in a day. I find that my appetite often comes back by the next day.

Now other times I could eat everything in site. Weird....but true. :)

Congrats on your finish!

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10/8/12 8:10 P

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I have only walked a half marathon and I have always found myself hungry after I go that distance. Sorry. Odd to find the other side. Wonder why?

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10/8/12 7:52 P

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Congratulations on your first half!! Sorry, I am on the other spectrum; as soon as I finish running, I drink water like crazy and eat anything they are passing out. It will be interesting to read how others fare after their race.

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10/8/12 7:27 P

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Second - Yes, what you are feeling is completely normal for some of us. I know many people who dive right in after running.....I can barely get down a banana. Chocolate milk I do great with but it isn't always available. A bagel - forget about it I can't do it. My first HM it took me 3 hours afterwards before I could stomach anything. Now I can eat the banana within 15 min. But like you I am not hungry for a couple of days. I know we need the nutrients so I usually stick with a protein smoothie or other light options.

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10/8/12 7:13 P

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