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Vacations: The Perfect Reward?

Planning a Quick Trip Can Hold the Answers


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I will miss Spark People! Report
I'm not sure a vacation would be a good reward for me. I always tend to not eat so healthy when on vacation. Report
Can’t wait to travel again once Covid restrictions are lifted. Report
We have been staying home due to covid 19. I can't wait until it feels safe to travel again. We love it.
I hope that my son and I can take a vacation to GA this summer. It's been almost 3-4 years since he has seen his family. Report
oh, I can not wait to go on a vacation. But first, I need to get my COVID vaccination. Once I have that, I'll feel much more comfortable traveling. I think that this year will be a see the USA vacation. Report
I can't wait to vacation again! Report
Good to have something to look forward to. Report
thank you Report
I need a vacation! Report
Maybe not such a good idea now. We are actually back in a lockdown due to surging variants of covid. Report

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