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The Healthy Lifestyle Path

From the time we start having any control in our lives, there are numerous paths we go down. Early in this process we may go about it with reckless abandon, not worrying about the consequences or if we are on our path to “success,” whatever our path to success may be. For some people, success is the “good parenting, good morals and values” path, for others success is the “devotion to making the world around them a better place” path and some are happy with the “sacrifice everything for career” path.

Regardless what your plan is, often times they lead us in different directions. A special someone teaches us we want the “family” path more than we realized, or a certain job helps inspire us towards the “career” path. As we go through life, different paths pull us in different directions.

Once we reach a certain point in life, we start to analyze a little more which path we want to go down and think about the consequences. For some it’s in their 20s, for others it’s not until their 50s. Eventually we realize that we possess the power to control which paths we go down, and to some degree, the consequences.

For many of us, a healthy lifestyle is one path we are currently trying to maneuver, now more than ever. And some of us have strayed far away from this path. Thanks to the hard work along other paths in our “map to success,” there are plenty of obstacles to overcome, even at the start.

Picture yourself trying to travel from Texas to Maine as quickly as possible. Now imagine taking a turn towards California. You’re way off course, right? It’s very similar when you realize you want to start taking the healthy lifestyle path. Discovering that healthy lifestyle path quickly is difficult if you took turns early in life that led you away.

The great part is, no matter how far you’ve veered from the healthy lifestyle path, once you start moving towards it, you are moving forward! Often times, we want a do-over. If you find yourself west of Texas, unfortunately you still need to make up that ground.

Besides, there are probably reasons you strayed away from the healthy path that you need to resolve. Going down a path is a continuous journey, one that involves learning at each step of the way. We need those habits to help us along the way. Otherwise, we could just jump in a plane and fly to Maine in no time. Without those habits, we don’t know how to survive in Maine!

Working hard and getting to the “start” of the healthy lifestyle path might not produce the results that initially inspired you. Instead, it will produce results far more important – principles that will help you achieve anything you set your mind to and you are willing to work hard towards!

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Member Comments

Good article Report
Great reminder for those of us who get off the beaten path every now and then.
Thanks! Report
I keep falling off the path; thanks for the inspiration to get out of the foliage and back on track. I'm saving this one for every time I need a reminder. Report
Great article Report
This was a great article and so true about finding which path is better for us... not just with weight loss but everything in our lives... Report
It's all about milestones for me. I always have a long term goal or destination in mind, but I like to make short term goals along the way. Keeps me motivated and encourages me towards that long term goal when I achieve those short term goals. Report
I really appeciated this article because when I first joined SP about a year and a half ago I quickly lost about 30 pounds and have just been maintaining ever since. I still have 15 -20 pounds more I am working towards losing to get to my goal weight, but at least I have learned how to maintain it and I know that will help me when I finally reach my destination! Report
You can get WHIPLASH from trying to get on a new path too quickly, too! In other words, it's best to take baby steps. Report
Great article. How many times have I heard an old person say "Well, I sure wish I'd taken better care of my health years ago." Thankfully, because of SP, I won't be saying that. Report
Excellent - well-said! It's not about taking shortcuts either! The long path is difficult, but always worth it, in the end. Shortcuts = short life! Report
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Joe Downie
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